Business Visa To Sri Lanka

An intended traveller visiting Sri Lanka on business purpose is required to apply for a Business Visa. The applicant should obtain ETA approval prior to his/her intended visit to Sri Lanka through or Sri Lankan Missions abroad.

All applicants are encouraged to apply through the ETA system in order to avoid unwanted delays.

Business visa is issued for applicants, who undertake visit to Sri Lanka on business purposes under the following categories:

  • Participate in business meetings and negotiations
  • Participate in conferences, workshops and seminars
  • To take part in short term training programs (less than one month)
  • Participate in art, music and dance events
  • Participate in religious events
  • Participate in symposium


  • Applicants who wish to apply for a Business visa through the Embassy should submit required documents together with duly filled Application for Business Visa to the Embassy.
  • Applicants are advised to submit their applications at least one month prior to the intended visit
  • Applicants who wish to obtain long-term employment visa in Sri Lanka should make application with relevant documentary proof of his/her intent of business purpose to visit Sri Lanka through the local agent in Sri Lanka to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo.
  • The Embassy shall issue an entry visa to the applicant on submission of a letter of approval issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo.


  • Application for Business Visa (Form B). Applications could be obtained from the Consular Section of the Embassy.
  • Passport, which should have at least 06 months validity period from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka (with minimum one blank page).
  • Recently taken colour photograph (passport size 4.5c.m. x 3.5c.m).
  • A letter addressed to the Ambassador of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi by the Company/Organization in UAE requesting visa to the person concerned which include purpose of the visit, designation of the applicant etc.
  • Letter of Invitation by the Sri Lankan Company/Organization to the applicant concerned in UAE, or a letter to the Embassy by the Sri Lankan Company/Organization in respect of the visit.
  • Visa fee of AED 150.00, SAARC Countries AED 110.00, should be made in cash at the Embassy.