SLBFE Registration of Migrant Workers

Every Sri Lankan migrant worker, who leaves the country for a foreign employment should be registered at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) prior to departure. Approximately SLRs 18,000.00 will be levied for SLBFE registration.

A migrant worker, who is not registered with the SLBFE, is not entitled to any coverage/benefit provided by the SLBFE at any given situation. Please visit the SLBFE website: for information on the benefits availed for the migrant workers.

SLBFE Registration is valid for a period of two years and the worker could renew his/her registration at the Embassy upon expiry of the registration paying relevant renewal fee.

In the event of the domestic/non-domestic worker is continuing with the same sponsor after completion of two year contract period, she/he will be charged only AED 85.00 for renewal of the SLBFE registration. However, this does not apply for a domestic/non domestic worker, who is starting with a new sponsor after completion of the contract period, and such occasion AED 390.00 will be charged for renewal of the registration.

Please note that domestic workers cannot apply for SLBFE Registration at the Embassy for the first time and they can only apply for renewal of the registration at the Embassy.

A migrant worker who had not been registered with SLBFE before arrival in UAE also can apply for late registration at the Embassy. However this is applied only for non- domestic category employees at a payment of AED 390.00.

Duly completed SLBFE Worker Registration Form should be submitted to the Embassy together with following documents:

  1. Original Passport
  2. A copy of the detail page of the Passport
  3. A copy of the current visa page
  4. A copy of the previous visa page
  5. A copy of the page of the previous registration of the SLBFE