Assistance for settling grievances and complaints of Migrant Workers

Entertaining grievances, complaints of migrant workers and intervention for settlement is one of the main tasks of the Labour Section of the Mission.

If you encounter any form of difficulty at your work place, i.e. non-payment, underpayment, Physical harassment, sexual harassment, over work, excessive work, lack of communication with NOK, breach of contract, work stoppage without a justified cause, runaway domestic workers, runaway non-domestic workers from work place, lack of food/proper quality food, accommodation issues at work place, medical issues, sickness, etc. you can contact the labour section of the Mission for assistance.

The officials at the labour section will assist you in a transparent and speedy manner to address these issues for solution within the legal system of UAE.

You can make your complaints to the Embassy, by visiting, through a representative, NOK, or by any mode of communication, telephone, fax, and email etc. Relevant Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka, Foreign agents, sponsors, Trade Union, NGO, SLBFE, Ministry of Foreign Employment, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc. also can make complaints to the Mission, upon which the labour section would take action. The labour section is also to take action on issues reported by the media or any other reliable sources which merit investigation.

A migrant worker who seeks assistance from the Embassy on non-payment/under payment of due salaries is required to provide relevant details of the officials responsible for HR/Financial sections of the company/agency/entity for expeditious action.

A Sri Lankan migrant worker based in Abu Dhabi who seeks assistance from the Mission should have prior-registered with the SLBFE. Labour issues of those who had not been registered with the SLBFE will be attended only on instructions from the SLBFE, and the officials at the labour section of the Mission cannot be held responsible for the delay in attendance on such cases.

In this context, all migrant workers are advised to be registered with the SLBFE before arriving in UAE for employment purpose.

Post: Second Secretary – Labour
Telephone (Direct): +971 2 632 5335
Fax No: +971 2 633 1661