Registration of Job Orders (Company/Recruitment Agency)

Job Order is a legal document that is signed between the recruitment agency/company in UAE and the agency/company in Sri Lanka, which is contracted by the foreign agent/company (UAE) for the purpose of recruiting Sri Lankan manpower and dispatch them to UAE.

The UAE company/manpower recruitment agency, which expects to recruit employees from Sri Lanka, could obtain information regarding the approved foreign employment agencies in Sri Lanka from the Approval Division of the SLBFE.

Having agreed on the terms and conditions of the job order, i.e. salary, leave, food, accommodation, air package etc., the company/the manpower recruitment agency in UAE should sign the prescribed agreement with the contracted agency/company in Sri Lanka.

Particular job recruitment should have approved by the local competent authority and documentary evidences such as trade license should be submitted to the Mission by the respective company/agency.

After verified the documents submitted, particular UAE agency/company is issued an user name and a password to enter the details of the job order in to the web based system of the SLBFE.

UAE company/agency should facilitate the Embassy officials to make a site visit- accommodation, facilities etc. when and where such requirement deemed necessary.

Duly signed under mentioned prescribed documents- two sets of each document should be submitted to the Embassy for registration. All documents should be on the official letterhead with the official seal of the foreign recruitment agency/company.

  1. Job Order,
  2. Service Agreement of agency/company entered with the agency/company in Sri Lanka
  3. Special Power of Attorney to sign the documents on behalf of the UAE company/agency by the Power of Attorney holder appointed by the company/agency
  4. Power of Attorney issued in favor of the agency in Sri Lanka by the foreign agency/company (UAE).
  5. Declaration by the Foreign Company/Agency (UAE).
  6. Letter from the UAE company/agent giving details of subsidiaries or prospective employer/employers holding visas for recruiting Sri Lankans under the respective job order
  7. A copy of the Job Offer Letter.

The full set of documents will be endorsed by the Embassy and the original set will be issued to the applicant.

At the same time, the respective company/agency will be issued with ‘Certificate of Registration for Recruitment of Workers from Sri Lanka’ by the Embassy, which should be submitted at subsequent job order registrations by the company/agency.

AED 555.00 will be levied as registration cost which covers attestation of Power of Attorney, Service Agreement, Demand letter, Job Offer Letter etc.

Subsequent to the attestation of the job order, particular UAE agency/company should forward the attested copies of the job order to the Sri Lanka agency to proceed the job order.