Registration of Individual Job Contracts (Domestic Workers) by an individual

A sponsor residing in UAE, who wish to recruit a domestic worker on individual basis should fulfill certain requirements for this purpose.

The prospective sponsor is advised to contact the labour officials of the Mission to obtain details with regard to the process of recruiting a domestic worker before starting the process.

It is a pre-requirement for any prospective domestic worker to have obtained a family background report issued by relevant authorities in Sri Lanka, and have successfully completed the pre-departure training program conducted by the SLBFE.

The prospective worker should be physically fit for the employment as per the medical certificate issued by approved medical centers (GAMCA) before starting the recruitment process.

Entry visa for the prospective domestic worker should be applied to the UAE immigration by the sponsor with submission of required documents such as color passport copy and medical certificate obtained from the worker. The reference number for the visa application issued by the immigration should be notified and provided to the domestic worker concerned afterwards.

Entry Visa will be issued to the worker by the UAE Embassy in Colombo on submission of required documents/payments along with the reference number of the visa application by the prospective domestic worker.

After receiving the entry visa, domestic worker should inform the sponsor of the issue of visa, and then the sponsor should sign the specified agreement obtained from this Embassy/Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and send them to the domestic worker directly by e-mail (scanned copy) or fax together with copies of documents: payment slips, insurance certificates etc.

If the domestic worker is a female, the sponsor should pay AED 1470.00 (US$ 400.00) as a Non-Refundable Security Deposit to the SLBFE bank account in Sri Lanka under the name of the sponsor. This transaction could be performed through this Mission as well. A copy of the paid slips should be sent to the domestic worker along with the above signed agreement.

The prospective domestic worker should be insured under the compulsory Union Insurance Scheme by the sponsor simultaneously for a period of two years at a payment of AED 370 (USD 100). The sponsor should make the registration online and the receipt along with other related documents should be sent to the prospective domestic worker in Sri Lanka afterwards.

All these formalities should be completed before the prospective worker arrives in UAE for the employment.

The prospective domestic worker should submit all required documents referred above to the SLBFE for registration, which is compulsory for any domestic worker under this category. Approximately, SLRs.27000.00 (all inclusive) will be charged for SLBFE registration.