Assisting Sri Lankan Detainees Serving Jail Terms in Abu Dhabi

The Mission’s officials make regular visits to jails in Abu Dhabi to provide consular assistance, and detainees who need consular assistance from the Mission should meet the officials at the meeting point in the jails under the permission of the jail authorities.

Detainees are required to provide sufficient information to the officials who engage in conversation with detainees for expeditious assistance.

The Mission officials will assist the detainees in communication with family members/ company, UAE legal establishment etc.

Consular assistance is extended to the detainees in line with local regulations governed in connection with extending consular assistance to the detainees.

Detainees who are transferred to deportation camps after serving jail terms will be interviewed by the Embassy officials to provide necessary assistance/issuing Sri Lankan travel documents on the request of UAE authorities for deportation.

Detainees are required to bear the cost for air ticket at the deportation.

The Embassy can be contacted for assistance by:

Telephone (Direct): +971 2 633 2271
Fax No.: +971 2 633 1661