Registration & Annual Renewal of the Company/Recruitment Agency

A company/Manpower recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE that expects to recruit employees from Sri Lanka should register under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) through the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi.

Duly filled application forms-Registration of Recruitment Agents/Companies-and the application form-Information of Recruitment Agency/Company in UAE together with documents appended below should be submitted to the labour section of the Mission for registration.

The authenticity of the Sri Lankan recruitment agencies will be verified at the registration and only 05 Sri Lankan Agencies are permitted for one applicant.

Once all formalities are completed, a certificate with registration number will be issued to the company/agency.

Details of the company/agency will be entered in the SLBFE registration system for future reference.

Annual Renewal of Registration of the Company/Recruitment Agency

Recruitment company/agency should renew its validity of the registration for recruiting of Sri Lankan manpower at the end of one year from the first/last registration.

The Mission will assess the compliance of the company/agency in line with terms and conditions as indicated in the original application at the renewal process.

Cooperation extended to the Mission/Sri Lankan agency in attending to the grievances of migrant workers will be one of the key yardsticks at the assessment for renewal of the registration.

AED 130.00 will be levied on registration/renewal of the company/recruitment agency

Once all formalities are completed, the license will be renewed for further period of one year under the original license number.