Assisting Runaway Domestic Employees

The Embassy extends assistance to the runway domestic workers from the sponsors’ accommodation due to any form of harassments and work place issues.

A domestic worker who encounters difficulties can report to the Embassy by visiting, through a representative, NOK, or by any mode of communication-telephone, fax, email etc.

As such employee is required to be interviewed by the labour officials at the Embassy, all details about the agency/sponsor, related documents, reports etc. are required to be submitted to the officials at the interview.

All your belongings will be taken under safe custody if you are accommodated at the Embassy and you will be issued with a copy of the list of such items.

If you are suffering any illness or any medical issue, you must immediately inform the Embassy officials of such issues on your arrival at the Embassy for urgent medical attention.

Embassy officials are to contact the employment agency upon your report at the Embassy to assess the situation and explore the possibility to find an amicable settlement for which your cooperation is extremely important.

In the event of a runaway domestic worker is reported to have been subjected to sexual abuse or physical torture, immediate action will be taken to produce her to the legal authorities for appropriate legal action against relevant parties.

The Mission will assist the runaway domestic worker to pursue her case on outstanding salaries and other entitlements through UAE authorities as appropriate.

Please note that claiming outstanding salaries should be made to UAE authorities while being in UAE, since the possibility for claiming overdue salaries after returning to Sri Lanka is vey less.

Runaway domestic worker will not be handed over to the Sponsor/Agent without her/ his written consent.

You also will not be handed over to a second party other than the Sponsor/Agent, by the Embassy officials under any circumstances.

A runaway who is not willing to go back to the agent/sponsor will be arranged to repatriate to Sri Lanka through UAE authorities in line with the local regulations.

The cost involved in the repatriation such as air ticket, immigration fines or overstaying fines etc. will have to be borne by the worker.

However, the domestic worker can claim the air ticket cost from the SLBFE on arrival in Colombo provided the worker had been a valid holder of the SLBFE registration.