Repatriation of Migrant Workers to Sri Lanka

The Mission extends assistance to the destitute workers who need to be repatriated to Sri Lanka due to various reasons including pre-mature termination of employment, contract, industrial dispute, etc. and under domestic worker category, physical and sexual harassment, no/under payment of wages, over work, poor food/accommodation provision and medical illness, over stay/illegal stay etc, to Sri Lanka.

In the event of repatriating a runaway migrant worker who had been absconded by the sponsor, should first be removed from absconding status by the sponsor, failing which the worker will be deported through the jail/deportation camp.

A worker could exit through the normal channel only when the absconding status is removed by the sponsor and she/he had been cleared of overstaying fines or any other penalty in UAE. The worker must have a proper visa in the passport also.

In the case of over stay/illegal stay, the worker will be repatriated through the jail/deportation camp provided the worker opts for voluntary repatriation by way of surrendering to the authorities. However, in the event of worker is arrested by the authorities over the over stay/illegal stay, she/he will be deported only through the jail, which might entail payment of penalty and serving jail terms as decided by the authorities.

Cost for air ticket for repatriation of a non-domestic worker due to the fault of the employer should be borne by the employer.

In the event of a runaway domestic worker, the Mission will explore the possibility to receive the cost for air ticket from the sponsor/foreign agent, failing which the runaway domestic worker/NOK or any other source will have to bear the cost.

Domestic/Non-Domestic worker can claim for the air ticket cost from the SLBFE through the insurance on arrival in Colombo provided the worker had been a valid holder of SLBFE registration.

Cost for air ticket will be borne by the SLBFE only on exceptional cases and on a special approval from the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) for valid holders of SLBFE registration.

The Mission is to assist in repatriation of migrant workers who needs special care with the assistance of all stake holders: company/sponsor, agent etc.