Assisting Non-Domestic Workers

The Embassy is to assist non-domestic sector workers at their work place issues.

An employee under this category can seek Embassy’s assistance by visiting the Embassy, through a representative or by any mode of communication- telephone, fax, email etc.

An employee also can make a complaint through the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) upon which the Mission will take action.

If the complaint is of a corporate nature such as nonpayment, delay in payment, excessive work and poor food/accommodation etc. the Mission will take action to inform the management of the company for a suitable settlement.

In the event of extending assistance to a worker by making a formal complaint to the UAE authorities, the worker is required to submit a written formal complaint/statement. Documents, as required by the officials at the Mission need to be submitted for perusal.

Non-Domestic employees are advised not to involve with other nationals at the worksite in making complaints, since terms and conditions might differ from nationality to nationality in the worksite.

In the event of a migrant worker, whose complaint is not settled amicably, the Mission will direct the respective migrant worker to file a case at labour courts/departments in line with local labour regulations.

Grievances/Complaints Can Be Made To The Embassy By:

Telephone (Direct): +971 2 6 325 335
Fax No.: +971 2 633 1661

Grievances/Complaints Can Be Made To The SLBFE By:

Post: Manager – Conciliation II
Telephone (Direct): +94 11 4342622
Fax No.: +94 11 2 864133