The Embassy of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE) commemorated the Poson Festival with a three-day celebration from 21st to 23rd June 2024 at its premises in Abu Dhabi. This vibrant event was attended by a large number of Sri Lankans and foreign nationals and fostered a sense of unity among the expat community in the UAE.

The event included Buddhist religious programmes conducted by Ven. Gallelle Soratha thero.

One of the main attractions of the celebration was the beautifully crafted Pandol, meticulously designed by the Old Boys Association of the Sri Lanka German Technical Training Institute in UAE, Sri Lanka Cricket Sports Associations in Abu Dhabi and other Sri Lankan community members in Abu Dhabi. The Pandol served as a visual testament to Sri Lanka’s cultural richness and artistic finesse.

Throughout the festival, the Staff of the Embassy along with the Children and Parents of the Abu Dhabi Dhamma school performed “bakthi gee” – traditional devotional songs that resonate deeply with the spiritual essence of Poson. These performances captivated the audience and added a melodious dimension to the festivities.

His Excellency Udaya Indrarathna – Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE expressed his gratitude to the Sri Lankan community and friends of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi for their enthusiastic participation in making the Poson Festival celebrations a resounding success. He highlighted the festival’s significance in promoting cultural understanding and strengthening ties between Sri Lanka and the UAE.

The Poson Festival celebration at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Abu Dhabi underscored the Embassy’s commitment to preserving and promoting Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage and religious values while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among Sri Lankans living abroad.


26th June 2024

Embassy of Sri Lanka to the United Arab Emirates