The Embassy of Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates organized a blood donation drive and a medical campaign on the sidelines of celebrations of the 70 th Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Lanka’s Independence at the Embassy premises on 02 nd February 2018.
Blood donation and the medical campaign officially commenced when His Excellency, Mr. Sulaiman Jiffry Mohideen, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United Arab Emirates registered the first blood donor who was present at the event. Addressing the gathering, the Ambassador highlighted the importance of organizing events of this nature in particular the blood donation drive, which highlighted the will to donate by the Sri Lankan expatriate community in UAE.
Well over 125 Sri Lankan expatriate members successfully donated blood at the blood donation drive, and the medical campaign was also a great success with more than 100 expatriate community members sought medical advice from a group of six medical staff, including three specialists, who conducted the medical campaign. Blood donation drive was fully handled by the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, while the medical camp was conducted by Ahalia Hospital-Ahalia Group, UAE, a well-known and reputed hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The Embassy of Sri Lanka wishes to acknowledge with gratitude to the expatriate community members, specially, Sri Lanka Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi, who assisted in organizing the event, Abu Dhabi Blood Bank and Ahalia Hospital, Abu Dhabi for conducting a successful blood donation drive and a medical campaign.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates