Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi – UAE celebrates Vesak 


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Temple organised a series of events on 05th and 07th May at the Embassy premises in celebration of Vesak Festival 2023 under the theme ‘Serenity of Mind’.


Reflecting the unity and solidarity with the Embassy the event was attended by a massive crowd of Sri Lankans and other nationalities from all over the UAE.


Most Venerable Yatigala Ratanawansha Thero, Chief incumbent of Galedanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Kadawatha, conducted the religious observances, including the Buddha Puja, Sil Programme and the Dalada Thewawa on 05th and 7th May and on the invitation of the Embassy, most Venerable Dodamphala Rahula Thero, Chief incumbent of Kurumurare Rajamaha vihara, Matara conducted a special Dhamma Sermon on 07 May for the devotees who participated at the Sil programme.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE, Udaya Indrarathna in his address to the community highlighted the significance of the Vesak day celebrations and emphasised the importance of following the timeless teaching of Lord Buddha that were based  on peace, compassion and loving -kindness.

To generate the Vesak ambience the Embassy premises was colourfully decorated with Buddhist flags and Vesak lanterns and following the traditions ‘Vesak dansal’ were organised to distribute  food among the participants.

In parallel to the Vesak celebrations organised by the Embassy, several other events were also organised by the community members all around UAE to celebrate this special event with dedication and enthusiasm.


Embassy of Sri Lanka

Abu Dhabi – UAE

09th May 2022