As you all are aware, today our motherland is passing its most difficult time due to the wider spread of COVID-19 virus in the country. As of today, our beloved parents, our own brothers and sisters are severely suffering from the COVI D-19. Even though we are far away from our motherland, we believe that this is the most crucial time that our motherland needs our support. Therefore, the Embassy of Sri Lanka kindly requests all of you, to extend your fullest cooperation in providing the following items in your capacity that have been requested by the health authorities in Sri Lanka, in order to get ready for an emergency situation in the country.

  • ICU beds Oxygen Production Plants 50 (Oxygen Concentrators) 05
  • High flow Oxygen Therapies 50
  • Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders 1000
  • Pulse Oximeters 100
  • Mini Oxygen Concentrators 200

Your contributions, even in cash donations are also greatly appreciated at this time of nation’s need. For further information, please contact Ms. Medhavi Peiris, Head of Chancery of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in UAE, through or 050 93 27 604.
Thank You.
Malraj De Silva Ambassador
Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi, UAE