The attention of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Abu Dhabi has been drawn to the recent media reports concerning an incident involving 17 Sri Lankan nationals who had entered Abu Dhabi using visit visas expecting to find overseas employment.

The Embassy officials and the UAE police authorities visited the location and found 17 Sri Lankans at the site.

Following inquiries made by the Embassy officials and the Police authorities from the said Sri Lankans, they had given statements expressing that they did not have issues or complaints. One of them, who consented to return to Sri Lanka. was repatriated by the Embassy.

However, on 15 November 2022, it was noted that the others had left for Oman, despite the Embassy’s instructions to follow proper legal and immigration procedures.

The Sri Lanka Embassies in UAE and Oman are continuously monitoring the situation and remain fully committed to ensure the welfare of the Sri Lankans.


Embassy of Sri Lanka

Abu Dhabi

18 November, 2022