Media Release

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates hosted an ‘Iftar’ for the community on 08 April 2023 at the Embassy premises marking the holy month of Ramadan. As the first time, the initiative was taken by the Embassy to host Iftar for the community every weekend at the Embassy premises and will continue the same practice in the future to enhance the cultural harmonization among all ethnic groups.

The event commenced with the Muslim Religious observances conducted by Maulavi Sarfaraz Mahroof Deen, a young Sri Lankan scholar residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Following the religious observances, delivering a special Ramadan message, he explained the importance of conducting Iftar events in the holy month of Ramadan and quoting  passages from the Holy Book of Islam, “the Quran”, he also accentuated the need of performing benevolent acts of charity and good-will towards others during this holy period. On behalf of the Sri Lankan Muslim community in UAE, he extended appreciation to the Ambassador and staff of the Embassy for taking the initiative to host consecutive Iftar events every weekend  throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Delivering the welcome speech, Ambassador Udaya Indrarathna, extended best wishes to all Muslims living across the world, and reiterated the Mission’s commitment to enhance diversity and inclusivity among all Sri Lankans in the UAE. Further he emphasized the importance of cultivating love among humanity as well as enhancing the bond of friendship among all ethnic groups, which would help to derive the country’s prosperity.

The programme concluded with the breaking fast and all participants were served dinner which included Sri Lankan and Arabic cuisine.

The event was attended by around two hundred community members including  representatives from Buddhists, Hindu and Catholic faiths demonstrating the harmony among all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Abu Dhabi