An all night chanting of Pirith was held at the Embassy premises on 31 December 2019 to invoke the blessings for the New Year 2020. On an invitation by the Abu Dhabi Dayaka Sabhawa and under the patronage of the Embassy, 10 Most Venerable Buddhist Theros participated at the Pirith ceremony.

Most Venerable Buddhist Theros also chanted Pirith at the Official Residence and a morning Dana was offered at the Residence, and 10 Buddhist Theros were provided accommodation at the Official Residence.

Following the religious blessing, on 1 January, H.E. the Ambassador and the staff of the Embassy marked the commencement of the work for the New Year by taking the oath of the public service. Subsequently, an Arms giving for the clergy was offered at the Embassy and to the Sri Lankan community


Embassy of Sri Lanka

United Arab Emirates

02 January 2020